Sunday Morning Equipping Classes

One of the ways we make disciples at Trace Crossing is through our Sunday morning Equipping Classes. We offer class options for everyone from babies to adults for the purpose of equipping one another in the gospel. 

Each semester, our desire is to equip one another in the areas of theology, biblical literacy, and Christian practice. 

Equipping classes

Fall 2021


"Imago Dei: What does it mean to be made in the image of God?"


Ben Gilliland

Page Thorn


A 6-week class exploring what it means that we are made in the image of God. How does that affect how we view ourselves and others?

STUDENTS (Grades 7-12)

"Intro to the Old Testament"

Teacher: Tanya Robertson


A class that helps students understand the full narrative of Scripture. 

Kids (grades k-6)

Overview of the Old Testament


K-3: Erin Smith

4th-6th: Avery Thorn


A class that introduces children an overview of the Old Testament .


Jesus Storybook Bible Curriculum

Teachers: Elena Gilliland & Lori Horne


A class that introduces children to the redemptive story of Scripture.