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Below are some devotional helps based on the sermon preached on Sunday to use throughout the week. I'd love for you to use some or even all of these to review this week's passage with your kids. Let me know if you have questions, or if there is any way I can help you in your discipleship efforts.


-Pastor Mathew




God is the one you must fear.

breakfast time

  • Briefly discuss the Big Truth of the week: God is the one you must fear.
  • Read Ecclesiastes 5:1-7.
  • Remind your kids that God is in heaven and we are on earth. He is before us. No one created him. He is beyond us. No one is like him. Ask your kids to share some ways God is different from us.
  • Pray together and praise God for how much bigger, better, and beyond us he is.

drive time

  • When you are traveling, ask your kids what they remember about Ecclesiastes 5:1-7. Point out different parts of creation that you see. Remind your kids of God’s power and might in creating everything we see. He deserves our respect (fear) because he is our creator.

  • Remind them of the Big Truth: God is the one you must fear.

dinner time

READ the passage together.

REFLECT on the passage by discussing the following questions:

  • What is this passage mainly about? What words are important to this passage?
  • What should we do in response to this passage?
  • Why should we fear God and what does that mean?

RESPOND to the passage.

  • Consider how your family can do a better job of intentionally honoring God with your words.
  • Consider gathering as a family on Saturday evening or Sunday morning before worship to intentionally pray for God’s help to worship him rightly.
  • Pray. In your prayer, thank God for making it possible for us to worship him.


Ask your kids what they have learned and how they feel about it.

  • Ask them why we have good reason to fear God. Why is sin before a holy God scary for us?
  • Ask your kids how they have used their words to dishonor God and others.

Refresh your kids with the gospel by making the following connection:

  • Begin by asking your kids how this passage reminds them of Jesus and what he has done for us. Remind your kids that Jesus made it possible for us to be with God without fear of dying. He died for all of the ways we have dishonored God. Now, we can live for him and with him.

Remind the kids of the Big Truth: God is the one you must fear.

Relate to your kids by sharing how the Big Truth speaks to your life:

  • Share how you have failed to honor God and others with your words.
  • Share what it means to you that Jesus makes it possible for us to “go to the house of God” without fear of death.
  • Share ways your family can do a better job (or continue) being intentional and careful with your words. 
  • Pray for them before they go to sleep.

catechism & scripture memory

Catechism Quesiton for the Week

Q. Who is the Lord Jesus Christ?

A.The Lord Jesus Christ is the eternal Son of God who became human to bear the penalty of sin.

Bible Memory for the Sermon Series

Ecclesiastes 12:13 – “The end of the matter; all has been heard. Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the whole duty of man.”