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I'm so thankful for your efforts to disciple your children. It's not an easy, simple, straightforward, or automatic process. It requires a balancing act of discipline and flexibility. I'm sure that some days you want to pull your hair out. Even so, you love your child. You want nothing more than for him or her to experience the freedom of salvation through and community with Christ that you've enjoyed. I want to extend these resources to you to help you in your discipleship pursuits. I pray that the Lord would make these tools effective in your household!


-Pastor Avery


Recommended Rhythms is a weekly guide for integrating the rhythms of life you already enjoy with your children with rhythms of discipleship. Much like our weekly liturgy shapes us in corporate worship, the "liturgy" of discipleship you provide in your home is fundamental to helping your children to become more like Jesus.

More information can be found on the second page of each Recommended Rhythms guide.

Recommended Rhythms for the week of 10.26-11.01 can be found below:

Recommended Rhythms  //  Pre-K

Recommended Rhythms  //  K-6

Recommended Rhythms  //  7-12