this wednesday night - o.m.c.


This Wednesday night, we are celebrating the end of another great year in TCKidz by grilling out and playing games at Ballard Park.

Here are some things you need to know:

WHERE: Ballard Park

WHEN: 6:00 PM


  • GIRLS: One-piece swim suit under shorts and a t-shirt
  • BOYS: Swim trunks and a t-shirt.


  • Towels, towels, and more towels. You will definitely want to bring a towel for your child, and you may want to consider putting a few towels down in your car for the ride home. 
  • Change of clothes. You can also bring a change of clothes for your child if you want them to change before you head home.
  • Goggles. Goggles aren’t necessary, but shaving cream will likely get in eyes, ears, noses, and every other bodily crevice! If you want to keep water and shaving cream out of your child’s eyes, you will want to bring goggles.

Please let me know if you have any questions.